TheILX-3 key exchange unit is useful where releasing multiple and/or second any keys in specified sequence is required. This range is recommended for exchange having 12 or more secondary keys. They are available as standard with Polycarbonate, Anodized Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Power coated/ PU painted Mild steel enclosures. the ILX-4 is identical to the ILX-3 series, but incorporating isolation/control or indicator switch on designated keys.

Operating System:

Specify:- Quantity (& codes) of Keys In / Keys Out required, specifying sequence and size restrictions if critical. If integral switching is required state rating, location and function to be achieved.


Type A Series

Key Exchange Boxes (KEB) are used in Key Transfer applications. One or Several Keys are trapped in the KEB to release the desired key or keys. For example in a typical application to isolate several live connections for maintenance, the access door keys is released only when the key of the switches are trapped in the KEB. The KEB can be designed to have more than one control keys, which trapped in the KEB release other keys simultaneously or sequentially.

Type B Series

Operating System:
Type A: Quantity & Codes Keys in / Keys out required
Type B: Quantity of Front Locks (Keys out)required