(for use on Pin Type & Figure Type series)
These robust yet easily fitted spring loaded brass dust caps prevents ingress of liquids, dust etc which may damage the integrity or ease of operation or ease of operation of the system.

ISM – 100 (for use IS Series)
Similar to ILM – 100 these sealed dust caps are specifically manufactured in stainless steel for use with the IS Series of Interlocks.

The following ranges of accessories will facilitate the fitting of interlocks to many item of switchgear and control equipment, where such interlocks are not included in the catalogue to suit specific manufacturer’s products.

Interlocking Lever.

ILM -200 (for use with all series)

A heavy duty 90 degree interlocking lever for use with all basic interlocks having a 9.5mm square rear shaft to enable to engage in an associated switch mechanisms.


Interlocking Lever.

ILM -201 (for use With all series)

Similar to ILM – 200 this lever offers a 45 offset to the 9.5mm interlock shaft and facilitates more convenient installation on some mechanisms.



ILM -320 (for use With all series)

An extremely robust actuator for use with all basic locks having a 9.5mm square shaft to enable them to engage in a associate notched disc type ofinterfacewith ancillaryequipment.