Introduction to Trapped Key Interlocking

Trapped key Interlocking provides a simple solution to make Electrical installations, Process Industries, Machines and most Industrial Processes SAFE for people by Preventing Unauthorised access and Forcing implementation of Sequence of operations in a Predetermined order. The “mechanically trappedkey” is released from its respective lock for transfer to another lock controlling an access door, machine or valve only when the primary drive or hazard has been isolated. Trapped key interlocking is a Simple, but Robust solution to avoid loss of life and property due to human error.

PSPC Interlocks

PSPC Interlocks have been in service for over 40 years in India and 25 years aboard they are trusted by customers in UK, Germany, other parts of Europe, Middle East and Far East. The interlocks are available in Figure type and Computer Coded Pin type models. The locks come with polished mirror finish and are manufactured out of solid brass or stainless steel for applications in highly corrosive environments and the Food industry. The bases and the lock bodies are manufactured out of machined single piece forgings for superior mechanical strength.


Theinterlocksaremanufacturedinaccordancewiththerequirementsof ISO9001:2008andthoseof other relevant international standards. Most of our products were indigenously developed and covered by international design patents and copy rights.